Thursday, July 07, 2005


The Lottery (aka "Balls")

So what is the truth regarding this? When you talk to the people in charge of this they all say the same thing. "We haven't even considered it yet." They are admittedly so swamped by the CBA talks that the everything is speculation.

When you talk around the league you hear all of the rumors.

The most prevailing rumor is that they are looking at a weighted system currently that will be based on the last three years records. In this system the Blue Jackets would have the best shot at Crosby with 30 balls, then then next worse team gets 29, and then 28 and so on. This I believe is the leading candidate now.

However, when you talk to the top teams you learn that there will be some serious discussion at the upcoming ratification BOG meeting. The top teams feel they deserve an equal shot having sacrificed the most in this year away. Also, there will be such great roster turnover, the argument will be made that past performance has been rendered moot.

That is why my bet is we see 30 balls for 30 teams..with an equal shot...

Of course Crosby's agent is negotiating with a Swiss team now as well...I fully expect Sydney will play in the NHL...too many endorsement opportunities would be blown by going to Switzerland, in my opinion.

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