Friday, July 29, 2005


Late Night Rumors

Well, the Flyers are really trying to move up, and I am hearing the Hurricanes are the likely bidding at #3. According to a few sources Handzus may be involved. On source said to me this, "The Flyers dealing Todd Fedoruk to the Ducks for #59 is a part of the deal for certain." Another source speculated, "Canes would get Philly's #20, #59 (acquired today for Todd Fedoruk), plus Dennis Seidenberg and either Handzus, Sharp or RJ Umberger." That is alot to get Ryan, (the kid from Collingswood a side note both of my parents were born and raised in Collingswood...Graduates of Collingswood High) but the Flyers had him in working out this week and they LOVE him.

Another source finally brings us good news if you are a Bruins fan, "the Thornton long-term deal may not be as dead as some people think. I think J.P. Barry may be seeing that the B's offer is not as bad as he originally thought."

Another rumor. "Lemieux and Brisson met for dinner tonight in Ottawa to discuss Sidney (Crosby's) contract."

Also word that Al Montoya (signed by the Rangers yesterday) could be on the move tomorrow in an attempt to move up in the Draft. The Ranger signed Swedish star goalie, Lundqvist, today and many believe he is going to be the number 1. So the Rangers don't need two young goalies, especially when they have no players.

Pierre Turgeon may be soon headed back to Montreal.

I strongly suggest reading Kevin Greenstein's draft preview. It is the best on the net, in my opinion, and he has also has a great mock draft. Follow this link to the newly designed Inside Hockey :

Thanks to those who sent nice wife is recovering nicely, not thrilled with being in a cast with a four month old, but she is a trouper...Looks like a lot more midnight feedings for me. I will be holding a morning chat in the main room at 9 am to preview the draft...

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