Thursday, July 28, 2005


Heating Up!

I will be burning up the phones today with what I predict will be the craziest day we have seen so far...The Pronger to Atlanta rumor is very strong

Some rumors from sources...
"Neidermayer- say goodbye to the Jersey swamps.. he's on his way West. Vancouver and Anaheim, Kings possible. Calgary won't get serious. he wants to get closer to his Cranbrooke BC crib. He'll only play for the 20% / $7.8 mill slot. There are two teams that he'll lower his price for. Vancouver is one of them. He'll play with his brother in Anaheim if Vancouver balks."

Another source who spoke to Thornton last night... "He is not happy with the offer at all. It is less than his qualifying offer. He thinks that he is closer to the $7million range. He was also not happy that the Bruins released the offers to the media yesterday. His mindset is that things should be kept private while negotiating."

"The Leafs will try to trade up as well. they desperately want Carry Price, the Tri-Cities Goalie."

The Flyers signed Carter and Richard to three year deals. Can't wait to see how they fit into an already strong team. Many have speculated that they would go 2 and 3 if they were in this draft. Trying to find out what numbers they will wear for those of you looking to buy your jerseys now. Richards will be #18, and you might want to buy a C for that shirt in a few short years. Carter always wore 7, but that number is retired (Billy Barber). He wore 37 at the phantoms, but that number belongs to Desjardins. I think he should wear two cents...then we could all take our Paul Coffey and Adam Oates Jerseys and just change the name plate.

Only three more days before our ten dollar deal will gone for good. Soon we will be launching the new website and will be offering many more services. If you want to join and get email updates during the free agent frenzy, just click on the visa logo above. Your support is very much appreciated.

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