Saturday, July 30, 2005



Get ready to be floored today. Some of those big name guys that were qualified this week could likely be moved around during the draft, as teams try and get THE guy they really want. Today is when the fun will really begin, and I will be here all day working the phones with many of the ones in Ottawa and beyond. I will be calling into the HSBC Arena in Buffalo where the fans are having a party with Brad Riter and WGR550. (They aren't Booing they are saying "Ekloooond")

I am hearing alot more talk about the Flyers moving up (see below) and Montreal really, REALLY wants Benoit Pouliot. But they will have to move up to 4 to get him....I will be holding a special pre draft chat at 9 am at

Here goes nothing! Thanks to ESPN for nothing again, but thankfully many local cable outlets in the US are televising the draft. Call 860-766-2000 and raise hell!

Hopefully you can get the draft where you are.

Today and Tomorrow are the final days to get email updates for the Free Agent Frenzy that starts Monday...Only ten bucks kids! Click on the visa logo above.



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