Thursday, July 21, 2005


Great Work Yesterday!

ESPN News has decided to cover segments of the draft lottery on Friday Live. Although it isn't ESPN and 100 million homes, it is 40 million homes. I think we should still pound them today to get it moved onto ESPN. Especially after I talked to someone at ESPN late last night, that said yesterday was most calls and emails ever received "by far" regarding televising an NHL event. They were "overwhelmed by the interest in hockey." according to this source. So hats off to all of you! Keep it going and let them know that hockey fans demand the sport be counted.

Another great thing happened yesterday as a result of our campaign. Several local outlets caught wind of the support for the NHL and decided to cover it themselves. MSG Network, Comcast Sportsnet, and others will be televising today's players presser and all the events tomorrow live. I know of at least two executives at two seperate networks who wrote me they were on the fence, but when they caught wind of what we were doing here they decided they needed to do it.

So how about that? This is the greatest thing about the internet, and I plan on continuing to use the mass of hockey fans that visit the blog to grow our great sport in any way we can. Any ideas are always welcomed email

Finally, thanks to all who joined up yesterday. Your support is going to help me grow this and devote more and more time to it. After tomorrow the ten dollar thing will be gone, so if you want to add you and your friend to the "Insider List" join today by clicking on the visa logo in the upper left. After you join, and get your first email, you can respond to the email with you friend's email.

Throughout today I will be revealing the draft order of the official Eklund Draft Lottery, and listing the early free agents and buyouts that I am hearing. Until August 1, the official beginning of the free agency signing period, it will be interesting to see how many legit rumors start to circulate. Right now, most of what is out there are educated guesses...

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