Sunday, July 31, 2005


The Fun Continues...24 hours and Counting!

Ah, hockey rumors are a cruel and heartless mistress. But they sure are fun to dig up and discuss...

The price for Ryan is still too high at this point leading to speculation that the Flyers will no turn their energies elsewhere. Mainly defense. Aucoin, Rafalski, and Hatcher would be good fits and you can add another name to the short list Bryan Berard.

The hottest commodity in this free agent frenzy will be the the puck moving defenseman. The new rules will make that breakout pass a bigger key to success. The Hawks shocked many in the hockey world by not qualifying Berard, who was just recently invited to the US Olympic camp. One source said this morning "They did Bryan a huge favor...all the teams that don't get Neidermayer will have Berard on the short list that included just Rafalski and Aucoin prior to yesterday. There are already teams interested...Everyone needs a puck moving guy."

Another rumor that is circulating this morning involves Martin St. Louis and the New York Rangers...more on that this afternoon...

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