Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Fireworks and More

Well tonight it all begins. The ratification process for the players. It should be a good one.

One player wrote the following to me in regards to my comments that many players are hearing Bob will advise the guys not to vote for it the deal..

"why would bob spend all the time he and the rest of the committee has spent on this deal, just to come back and tell us to vote it down? makes no sense. guys are going to see how this affects them and what they will or will not make from here on out and they will have to vote on that. whoever you are talking to is correct that there should be fireworks, i can't wait.some of the guys who will take some heat are the guys who pretended they didn't know it could go this long."

so the stage is truly set.

Talking to a few GMs after returning from the deal you get one interesting perspective. At this point they aren't comfortable discussing the deal with me, but there are many of them who are saying they may considering hiring a assistant gms with experience in managing a cap. "It is possible we could try and lure some guys from the other sports, not my team, but I heard some other guys talking." one Gm said late last evening....

makes you start to think which GMs will make the best "capologists." more on that later...

Finally Tim Panaccio writes in todays Inquirer here in Philly that Comcast will be a new player with a new national sports network aimed to compete with ESPN. Everything is hush-hush right now, but I have been hearing these rumblings for a long time, and even wrote about it way back whne the ESPN deal didn't happen. Living in Philly, we have Comcast Sportsnet, and they do a great job. I'd love to see this on a national level. ESPN does an amazing job of course, but competition is always good. I also have heard that Comcast has asked the NFL, and the NFL has made available the possibility, of moving some games to Thursday nights should they launch the network in for the upcoming season.

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