Sunday, July 17, 2005


Draft Lottery

As I've been talking about for over a month now in the chats, the lottery will be held at the Board of Governors meeting, with the results to be announced at the "Game On" press conference. Many , many of you have expressed disappointment in regards to this...of all the emails I got regarding this, I thought I would post the comments of one person who works for a team...I am going to make sure these comments get to those who are making this decision...

"I hear from here and there that the Lottery is going to be behind closed doors and just the order presented at the PC later next week.I think this is a huge mistake on the part of the NHL. This is their one opportunity to get the 30 markets to sit in front of their televisions and watch the ping-pong balls come out NBA style. The NBA has made a great production out of their lottery and what an opportunity the NHL has for the ONLY TIME IN THEIR HISTORY where all 30 picks will be determined by Lottery!I have been looking forward to this since the day in February they cancelled the season and now for it to happen behind closed doors for me is a giant mistake.Could you, with your connections to the NHL higher-ups, write an email or make a call on behalf of the fans of the NHL asking that this be a live television event to showcase the NHL and build up the interest in the new league and Sidney Crosby sweepstakes. (It also prevents the "fixing" of the event so that the Rangers win this bloody lottery :-) )"

I have passed this complaint along, and I will make some calls as well. If it doesn't get changed, at least we can find out why they have chosen to keep this process behind closed doors...

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