Friday, July 08, 2005


Down to the Wire

According to a high source, this is NOT the final day of face to face meetings as has been highly speculated throughout the hockey world. Since there is strong proof around that the executive committee people are heading to NY for the meetings on Monday, I guess we can speculate that they may have to take this into the weekend.

Word from several sources are that an announcement could come anytime from Saturday through Wednesday. The announcement will probably be in the form of some sort of press release stating that a week long ratification process is beginning. "The announcement will buy them some time when it comes to ticket sales." a source speculated, "but it is important to note that it isn't over until it is ratified, and when it comes to the players that process will be interesting."

Will they turn it down? Not a chance I am told. "Some guys will definitely vote it down, but the fear of it not passing is unfounded. The players want to get back in, they aren't thrilled, but they won't vote it down.."

I feel like the recent fear over the players turning it down could be compared to the Y2K scare. You should buy a few extra bottles of water, and we will all hold our breath, but in the end the blender will still work.

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