Friday, July 08, 2005


Crosby's Motive

Let's think about this for a second.

Why Is Crosby negotiating with a Swiss Team right now?

Q: Is it because he longs to see the bear pits of Bern?
A: Probably not, although I recommend that city having seen a game there when Reijo Ruotsalainen (sorry i couldn't spell it in the 80's) was finishing off his career.

Q: Is it because he want to play in Switzerland for more money than 850,000?
A: No.. His Sponsors want nothing to do with that one..although remember this for foreshadowing...

Q: Does he think this will pressure the NHL to change the rookie number or get some sort of exemption?
A: Absolutely not. In fact if that happens I know about 100 players that would kill someone for letting that happen after what has transpired in the last ten months.

Q: So why then?

I think there is only one answer. With the upcoming lottery Crosby wants to name his team. "It is no secret in this industry that sponsorships are generally level based depending on where you play, " An agent said, "There are Tier 1 cities: NY and LA, Tier 2 Cities: Chicago, Toronto, Philly, Detroit, Columbus, Montreal, Colorado, etc, and Tier 3 cities, the real small markets... sponsorships dollars are usually linked to what tier you are in."

What cities will be on Crosby's list could be interesting. It is widely known his favorite team is Montreal and he has joked that playing for the Leafs would be hard to swallow...all just in good humor, adding he wouldn't mind playing there at all...

So who has the most talent and depth to deal from and is a tier 1 or tier 2 team out there? That will be the question...Would the Flyers move Carter + for Crosby?

Now does this mean that a team wouldn't draft Crosby? Of course not, but I wouldn't at all be surprised if he asks to be moved or threatens to go to Switzerland. And whatever team drafts him can potentially gain great amounts...The Nordiques got Forsberg, a bunch of players and a Stanley Cup (in Colorado) remember for Eric Lindros.

This will be fun to follow in the next month...keep it here!

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