Sunday, July 10, 2005


Could be a late one...

Today is a huge day.

"This is the point everything has been building to." according to one source.

"By tonight we'll have a good idea, " another said.

There are a few points from today's column by Larry Brooks that I strongly agree with.

These players don't need to apologize as if it was there fault. This is not the players fault. They did what players do. Stick together through adversity. The players I talk to are furious at both sides. Mad at their side for not communicating strategy to them...(how many times have I gotten an email from a player furious for reading about something in the CBA on the internet instead of hearing it from the union). And they are mad at the owners for trying to crush them and break the union in their opinions.

Anyone who has followed this closely could argue either side is to blame..Finding fault at this point is moot. One hundred percent pointless. Honestly, shouldn't everyone associated with the sport apologize for the year that was lost? Even if you think the other side is 100% wrong you should apologize. And they will. And they did when the season was cancelled...They didn't get it done...In my way of looking at it the players and the fans are the same boat of this ordeal. The fans paid their money to the NHL to get it done, and the players paid their money to the PA to get it done. Blame at this point is looking back, and we desperately need to look forward. Currently both the PA and the NHL are working together, and getting it done..Trevor Linden Bill Daly, Ted Saskin, Mike Gartner and many others couldn't be logging any more hours...I'd rather focus on that. There is so much positive energy coming from hockey right now...this new version with these players will be unbelievable! I honestly can't wait until October.

I also agree strongly with Brooks when it comes to fans on message boards bashing players. These players apologizing, shows you the kind of men they are. They are taking responsibility for what happened, even though they had the least to do with it. These guys with "message board muscles" will be the same guys who are upset when the Rangers can't sign a key player because of this salary cap. I hope that irony isn't missed on anyone.

This is a very complex issue. But the puck is getting closer to the ice...that's what matters.

Stay tuned today...something could be brewing...

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