Monday, July 04, 2005




What a perfect day at the Jersey shore yesterday. Absolutely awesome! I fell asleep for an hour with my IPOD on listening to a shuffle of old Genesis stuff with Peter Gabriel..."Supper's Ready" may may the best song ever written...Anyway, while I was listening to Cinema Show my blackberry buzzed. Pulling my Tilley hat up so I could read, I glanced upon the following email...

"Just talked to ******, he said this is all but over. The teams have been told it is done. The talks are still time intensive, but they are deadlining it now. They are meeting on the 4th to get this done..They may have a good few days left of these talks before they take it to a vote, but he said to me that the Board of Governors are being told that they will be flying to NY late in the week to ratify, and they already have agreed to ratify unanimously. The players as well will hold their vote. That vote won't be unanimous, but it will pass. Once it is over the lottery will be held. He said that he anticipates an equal lottery 30 teams/ 30 balls...the big teams are pushing hard for this. They'll get it. After the lottery, will come a few days designated to teams getting their own business in order, as we discussed last week. Then the FA frenzy will launch."

I put back my blackberry and fell blissfully back into my salty air coma.

Then, later last night, far from that serenity while I sat on the AC Expressway for almost 3 hours, I got a call from an agent who had just spoken to a GM. He said the belief is among the GMs that most will sign most of their third and fourth liners back in the first few days. After that the Free Agents, although more than usual, will be much more manageable. I sure hope so! I have spreadsheet after spreadsheet in an attempt to prepare for this....Too much for one guy to do!

Update on the new site...More and more of hockey's finest have joined with me to make the new website great. One of the features to go along with the best fantasy hockey game and "Hockey Blog World," will be podcasting...I will be interviewing folks everyday and making the clips available via podcasting...I will put a list together of my guest for the following day and you will be able to email me questions to ask them...I also have already lined up close to 100 players to do private chats in the chatroom once the season begins.

Finally, a million thanks to all who have joined by clicking on the visa logo above. Your ten bucks is honestly making all this possible, and if you join the list early you will receive great benefits once the site launches in September. Also we are looking for a few more sponsorships for the new site and fantasy league...feel free to email me at

Have a great Holiday.

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