Saturday, July 23, 2005


And So it Begins..

Back to business today. And you will see a ton of business...Buyouts galore. There is not alot of time and much to do. The agents have all been told that today will be a crazy day. So we will certainly see...

The new NHL Logo. What do you think? I really like it. My first though was that I love tradition, but after what we've all gone through, this logo feels right. It feels really good. You had to be impressed by the show yesterday. The draft lottery was enormously well received judging by your thousand or so emails you sent to me. It was an easy thing to pull off. "People made miracles happen," one NHL executive said, "TSN really played a huge part in making it what it was."

To finish off my team by team analysis.

#5 Tampa

Obviously the best names they can get are their own..Lecavallier, St. Louis, and Khabibulin. If they can keep their team intact they will be the team to beat again in my opinion. Boyle is also a key. I don't expect much movement regarding free agents from the lightning, but perhaps they could go after some intimidation up front.

#4 Toronto

Get younger already! And they will...this team could be hugely overhauled. Owen Nolan will be bought out despite his attempt to thwart it by having surgery. Will Belfour be bought out?...that is the bigger question...I say yes. The Leafs will have a leg up in this new environment because in a world where salary differentials aren't that great, people will want to play in the center of the hockey universe where the endorsements and the high profile is there. Of course this is the hardest team to find true rumors on, because everyone speculates that everyone comes to Toronto. I see them going strong for Demitra, and I have also heard Kariya's name this morning. They will get into the Neidermeyer sweeps, and if they don't get Demitra they will probably make a huge pitch for Palffy. Also, I will tell you this...despite what you may hear there are conversations regarding Forsberg. You won They are very hush hush, but they absolutely exist. Domi and Roberts will not return. Domi, the word is this morning, will go to Pittsburgh...

#3 Atlanta

Kovalchuk and Heatley will be signed almost immediately.With Kozlov, Savard, Modry, and Lehtonen all under contract this team will continue to be a fun one to watch...Rumor has it that they may go after Zhamnov would be a great fit to play with Kovalchuk.

#2 Philadelphia

Neidermayer is the goal, but can they out bid Vancouver? Buyouts will be a huge thing today. LeClair, Amonte, Brasheer, and possibly Desjardins, and an even slighter possibility is Markov. Esche (another lockout hero), Gagne, and Johnsson need to be signed, along with star rookies Carter and Richards. The Flyers will make a pitch for Demitra for sure, and possibly Rafalski, although I doubt Jersey would let him go.

#1 Colorado
They hope to be able to keep Frosberg, but with Sakic and Blake taking up 13M of the cap that could be tricky...also when you consider Aebisher, Tanguay, Hejduk, and Liles need to be signed it gets harder to ink Forsberg. They will likely buy out Gratton.

Today should be a fun one!

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