Friday, July 15, 2005


82 Games

From a top source.
"8 games vs 4 divisional rivals = 32 games

4 games vs 10 conference teams = 40 games

2 games vs 1 Division -5 Teams- (with the division to change every year) =
10 games

TOTAL 82 games.

The interesting thing to this is the emphasis on rivalries playing your
divisional rival 8 times during the season.

Also, if you are in the Western Conference, you will only play your favorite
Eastern Conference team once every 3 years. Meaning Detroit will only play
Toronto in a classic Norris Division rematch in your home building once
every 3 years. This for me is a bit of a shame as the NHL loses marketing
opportunites to see some of the big name NHL players.

Obviously they are using an NFL Model for this.

Get ready to see your divisional arch rival 4 times in your building and it
should be exciting (and sell more tickets)."

Bob Foltman of the Chicago Tribune had this to say about the new schedule...

"Not a big fan of the new scheduling format. I think the league should make one exception. One day--a Saturday--every season, should be designated "Original Six Day" where all the Original Six teams play one another in a tripleheader--just like "Canada Day" that is on CBC. Start in Boston with a noon, Eastern Time game between the Hawks or Detroit against Boston, then go to Madison Square Garden and finally to Air Canada Centre. Or begin the day in Detroit, whatever. In any event, the league has year by year diminished the Original Six and I think that is a huge mistake. This small gesture would help keep the great tradition alive and if done correctly by the TV people, can educate new hockey fans or young fans and the great traditions of these teams."

I agree with this completely.

The Free Agent Frenzy is really a week away from hitting in a real way...All of Gms are coming to NY starting today in groups to be briefed on the CBA. And the agents are coming to Toronto next week as well..As one put it, "Until I know what I am dealing with, it'll be hard to know who I am dealing for."

All the stuff out now, is really just educated guesses....but that being said, if I can find out anything, and not get anyone in trouble I will get it out over the next few days here.

back to the spreadsheets...

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