Thursday, July 21, 2005


#25- Montreal Canadiens

Wow, the Rangers fans are already complaining! My Draft IS NOT FLAWED!
I used the correct formula as found on the website created by one of our chat room favorites Viflux...
The link is The site simulates a draft order every time you refresh it. I realize the order so far is a bit odd...but hey this could very easily happen tomorrow!

Anyway, back to Montreal...(sorry I spelled Canadiens wrong earlier today....)

So much for Sidney getting his choice! Sorry to my friends at Team 990 in Montreal where i guest twice a week....

Brisbois of course is going to be bought out, but will make a very attractive player elsewhere....I have heard interest from the Kings...Theodore, Koivu and Ryder all need to be signed back up. I have heard strong rumors that Kovalev loves the city and wants to stay as far not many real free agent rumors surrounding the habs...

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