Thursday, July 21, 2005


#11- Los Angeles Kings

You could build a pretty solid team out of the UFA's that are on the Kings. Palffy, Allison, Deadmarsh, Robitaille, Stumpel, Carter, etc. The Kings Will need to get scoring and they will be in a unique position to do so. With the new CBA, the disparity between salaries will be lessened and more emphasis will be placed on alternative ways to make money. LA has many opportunities for certain players looking for this. Certain key guys remain...Norstrom,Miller, Conroy, Visnovski....and RFA Frolov is a budding Star. McGillis has been rumored to come here, and Pronger as well...but I do believe that Chris will remain in St. Louis.

I reveal the top ten teams starting at 9am ET tomorrow...I will not be able to do in depth team analysis for them yet, due to the fact that I will be out for most of tomorrow...I will do the team analysis in the very near future...


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