Monday, June 13, 2005


The Week Ahead

Today in Toronto it continues. The work that will bring back our sport. Through the many twists and turns going back months and months we are now turning the final corner, picking up our pens and preparing for the end of the end game.

"If anything left can go wrong it will be in the next day or two." one source said to me this morning, "frankly, I think the hard part is behind us. There are still a few sticky details, but everyone is looking for the one aspect of what is left that can derail it. I can't find that detail."

I talked to a player last night who has shifted his thoughts to free agency, he is 29, right on the edge..."Am I a free agent or not?" he asked, half laughing, "In all seriousness, the season is approaching fast. I'd like to prepare."

There is a rumor out there that the if there is a derailment and this stretches into July, there may be a need to delay the start of the season by a few weeks, "but a full season would still be played."

As for fear of Goodenow pulling one of his tricks, the players I talk to, many of whom were suspicious of him in the past, are quite relaxed and a few were told over the week-end that he was working for them again..."Bob knows that waiting anymore is NOT an option." Then I was told some stuff off the record that I wish I could share, but let's just say there is so much more to this story...

Thanks for all of you who joined the insider list over the week-end. If you are interested, click the Visa button in the upper left. The membership is still only $10 for life. Thanks!

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