Wednesday, June 01, 2005



Among swirling rumors about a deal maybe in tow, or at perhaps the principles agreed to, or it is very close...speculation about when this could be announced are rampant...many of these latest leaks coming from team GMs...

Two solid respected sources echoed the same sentiment "I think we are a week away from the announcement. After what happened before in 94, they will and should be cautious..."

There is word that the meetings today are going very well....

Another top source however, whom I always trust, just chimed in saying the rumors are off "way off, nothing close at this point."

the roller coaster continues, but even the most skeptical people are saying this is a matter of a week or two. One said, "There is so much momentum right now, it would be really hard for anyone to stop it."

car goes up, car goes down, car goes up....

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