Thursday, June 16, 2005


Today's Meeting

The sides will re-unite this afternoon again in NY, and continue talks into tomorrow amid all kinds of speculation.

How far along are they?
When is this getting done?
Can it still go south?

Am NHL source very close to the talks had this to say, "i continue to say that we really don't have agreement on anything until we have agreement on everything. are there important issues left? sure. could the process blow up again? sure. but we're trying hard no to let that happen."

And the two sides are working together in a very professional manner, spending thousands of extra dollars to have lawyers draw this up as they go...a much more expensive way to do person said, "If we can save a day or two we will. Time is of the essence, no hour is wasted, trust me."

Rumor on how this may go down...At whatever point these details are hammered out and agreed to, the NHL may make an announcement that the deal is virtually done, and that they are going to meet with teams 4 or 5 at a time over the course of a week to go over the CBA. This would end with a Board of Governors meeting for approval. just a rumor, but it would make sense given how complex and new the CBA will be.

stay tuned...the roller coaster is pulling up again!

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