Thursday, June 23, 2005


Thursday, Thursday

No word on exactly how late the meetings continued last night yet. Although one does get the sense that what everyone wanted is occurring....As one of my treasured sources emailed me at 2:45 in the morning saying, "It looks like they finally have locked themselves in a room until they have a deal."

I will be talking today to some people I rarely get the attention of. I look forward to their perspective...

In NHL news, there will in all likely hood not be an All-Star game in Phoenix this year due to the Olympic Break. This is a bone that was thrown to the players in these negotiations. As a source said, "The All Star Game is a sponsors party and a TV event. The NHL will do something else for the sponsors."

Also, in regards to the draft, there are four cities being considered should the NHL hold a full fledged draft. The leading candidate appears to be Ottawa. The weekend that everyone has been discussing, August 6th may be shifted to a weekday or night somewhere after that...Word is that TSN really would have an easier time moving shows off the weekday schedule. The lottery still looks to be held around July 11. How the balls will fall remains to be seen....

I also want to thank for sanctioning the blog as a legitimate news source, and allowing discussion of it intheir forums...I've long said this is the best message board for hockey....Although we have a great one now, that is absolutely

stay tuned...

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