Friday, June 10, 2005


This Week in Review

Word is that these three days were the most productive to date. It is being reported that the sides are meeting today. Goodenow, Gartner and company have left the building however, and today's meeting is Ted and Bill...

According to a a few good sources Wednesday the NHL went a long way towards addressing the concerns the players had about the new NHL, one put it this way, "It was the first time you could sense the mistrust was behind us. We've spent alot of time together and relationships, that were never as bad as they were being reported, have truly improved. The tension in the room has given way to an almost camp-like mentality at times. When you spend this many hours together you can only sneer at one another for so long. We are almost like a men's club at times."

Yesterday, great strides were made towards resolutions on free agency and arbitration a few sources said, "We are way over the hump now"

Timelines are what everyone cares about and views are mixed.

I would say 50% feel this could be announced late next week, and 45% feel by July 1. (the rest, say 3% feel it will be sometime in July, with 2% saying they think it will be January). Were I to guess, I would have to say late next week, because I feel the draft is still a priority to be held on the 25th. I think we should have some fun with this, so go to the message board,, and under the topic "Today's Blog" I will post a "Name the time for a press conference pool"...give a date and time that the press conference will start to announce the deal has been reached. One winner will be picked and will win a t-shirt that says, "I Won the Eklund Press Conference Pool."

Regarding the Globe and Mail Report...

According to the Toronto Sun,
"GARY BETTMAN told an NHL general manager yesterday that no team-by-team salary cap, based on individual club revenues, will be part of league's eventual collective bargaining agreement with its players. The NHL commissioner was put on the spot after several news agencies reported that a team-by-team cap had been agreed upon as the lockout negotiations continue and grow more optimistic by the day.
"I asked him quite clearly 'Is this, in fact, true?" one general manager said of newspaper reports across Canada.
"He said: 'No.'
"I asked 'Is there any kind of team-by-team cap?' Again, he said 'No.' "

Kevin Greenstein, from wrote to me with this interesting perspective, "I think the term "team-by-team" is just unclear. What it actually means will probably depend upon the scale of revenue sharing still to be decided. The thing is, if they're going to tax dollar-for-dollar on all payrolls over $29 million (really, $24-$25 million without benefits and bonuses), does it matter whether it's called "team-by-team" or "league-wide"?"

stay day ahead...(maybe)

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