Wednesday, June 01, 2005


So here we go again...

Two days of starting early in Toronto with more discussion on the finances. All of this is a necessary evil when talking about linkage deals.

Yesterday, the sides debated Quebec labor laws should everything fall apart of Replacement Players be needed. This wouldn't happen until at the earliest January, if ever.

We have entered a new phase of negotiations again. There are many leaks, negative conspiracy theory in nature, that are designed to throw everyone off and keep the other side guessing.

From a source, "They wouldn't be doing their job if they weren't playing this game."

Many rumors swirled last night on the internet and chat rooms that a deal was done. After checking with some top sources I am convinced that this couldn't be further from the truth. One source told me, "I would say that 95% of the key issues are behind us, but 40% of the small details are still out there."

Another source, " I think June 15th is the date to look for."

Much talk has been going on regarding an exciting pre-season tournament that will be played prior to the season...more details later today. I will be doing radio shows in Montreal and Boston today.

Thanks to the many who joined yesterday. Over the next two days I will be updating constantly as things break...and Thursday we will be in chat again late...If you want to join, remember I will give refund your money if you aren't thrilled with it. No refunds have been requested to date.

stay tuned.

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