Tuesday, June 07, 2005


R & D Day 2

From a source...
Tuesdays rules experiment was the second of a three day process (Monday thru
Wednesday) by which the NHL is testing out a variety of potential new rules in front of
a huge number of GM's (20 at least), some coaches, a number of broadcasters, league
officials, scouts and media.

Like yesterday it was held in two stages (each 2:30 in length) at a four pad rink just
north of the Toronto Airport. And like Monday a group of overaged juniors were divided
into two teams and took to the ice at 8:00 am for the first session.

Both session had these commonalities.

1. Tag Up Rule for offside
2. No Touch icings
3. 4 on 4 Overtime for 5 minutes at the end of each session no matter the score
4. 3 on 3 Overtime for 5 minutes after the 4 on 4 no matter the score
5. A shootout no matter the score.
6. Smaller goalie equipment, the pads for example were 11 inches wide instead of 13 of 14 ..
7. Obstruction Not Allowed
8. Hurray Up Face-offs
9. No line changes for team icing the Puck
10 No icing the puck on the power play


SESSION ONE .. 8:00 am to 10:30 am

This one featured one of the NEW nets (same as Session Two on Monday), 4 inches taller and
8 inches wider. The most recognized rule enforced was the no-tolerance rule on any fouls
involving the puck carrier. The first period saw 8 penalties in the first 8 minutes but from then on
the players got the message and the penalty totals diminished as the game went on.

Both teams seemed a little fatigued as the game wore on so it was left to the imagination
how the NHLers would handle the no-tolerance aspect.


SESSION TWO .. 2:00 pm to 4:30 pm

This session had two interesting features. One the "Buffalo Nets" .. These are the ones the are
bowed and are somewhat circular in shape but are as wide at the bottom as a normal NHL
net. Secondly, the first pure look at the "Bowman Line".

Named for its inventor, Scotty Bowman, the "Bowman Line" is placed on top of the circles in
each end. If the offensive team can carry the puck past their own "Bowman Line" all passes are
onside to the other teams blueline. The neutral zone is stretched and the players attempted to
complete longer than normal passes. This seems like one rule that is being looked at very seriously
and more managerial attendance was seen, involving NHL personnel caused a great deal
of discussion throughout.

In short the feeling is that most of the rules above numbering 1-10 that were adopted for all these
sessions could well be adopted for the coming season, with the red line removal another strong possibility.

Day two is complete and things wrap up Wednesday.

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