Saturday, June 25, 2005


Peace and Quiet

From a source, "If they were in trouble, they would be meeting this weekend. The time is very short, and last weeks marathon talks should tell you this is serious. i am confident that even though there is work to do as Ted said in his release, what is left can not derail the process.."

And that, I would say, is pretty where the inside hockey world is as they wake up today. I think a sigh of relief can be heard somewhat if you listen real closely...Another source, "The PA was being super diligent on small issues, so much so that the anticipation of what was to come when the big issues were drawn up was overwhelming people's radar and fear. It looks like that concern may have been addressed in some way, because people left Toronto happy."

There will be no rant today...sorry! I am in a too good of a mood after talking to everyone...I was going to write about how the NBA is being foolish for announcing a deal without anything being written up...but I don't really like basketball anyway....I wouldn't have done an NBA lockout blog, that I know!

I need a rant for tomorrow from one of you, so feel free to email me in your thoughts to


It is a beautiful day in can feel the pressure can start to hear names like Pronger, Kariya, and Neidermeyer being murmured...perhaps next Saturday we'll talk about free agents.....for that we will need a lot of will be an amazing thing indeed.

So today instead of calling and emailing a zillion hockey people I plan to fall asleep on a beach somewhere near Ocean City, NJ while listening to the new Coldplay on my IPOD and feeling the air and waves around me...How good a song is "Fix You?"

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