Wednesday, June 29, 2005


A Night of A Thousand Rumors

From a source, "Excitement is starting to build, that's for sure. New rule changes are going to make this hockey better than ever. All the rule changes will be geared towards opening up the game..."

Another well-respected and long-admired source said this of the new CBA, "It is taken them so long because this is the kind of CBA you would draw up if you were inventing a new sport. This isn't tweaking, this is a new paradigm."

Finally rumors are flying around the network and people are starting to say that next week (tuesday, wednesday, or thursday) will be when the announcement is likely. Like I said before these are just predictions, since there is truly no way of knowing for sure right now. However one source said, "They would love to be essentially done by Friday, have the lawyers work on putting stuff together over the weekend, come back on Tuesday and do a once over."

Another Source said, "There is some concern that the individual players may bring lawsuits to the league for not honoring the 2004-05 contracts. They may be trying to write into the CBA something to fend this off" I was unable to confirm this concern with any of my sources more familiar with the talks.

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