Wednesday, June 22, 2005


The NBA Owes Us one

I am going to rant for a second even though it is a Wednesday. The media currently is all about making the NHL look bad as the NBA managed to avert a lockout in just a few days...Now I am not going to say the NHL is perfect or the players stance was blameless, but the two leagues are totally different situations. The two CBAs are not comparable.

First, The NBA already had cost certainty and they were tweaking an existing sytem.

And Second, and I talked to an NBA reporter last night who confirmed this based on communication he had with an NBA player, the NHL lockout scared the daylights out of the NBA player. The fact that missing a season is now an option may the basketball players association take the talks much more seriously from the beginning.

As for the current talks, they went very late last night. Both sides felt that much was accomplished, but there is still work to be done....more on this later...

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