Tuesday, June 14, 2005


More Signs of The End Times

Teams lowering ticket prices (St. Louis Blues), Teams scheduling pre-season games (Fla and the Avs in Colorado), and most importantly a press conference in Edmonton announcing the staff and plans for the Canadian Olympic Team is scheduled for tomorrow....exciting stuff

Hockey is boarding a slow train in the Northern Territories, somewhere near Inuvik, and chugging its way back to the big city...Anyone's guess when it pulls into Penn Station in the big apple, but it is coming...

There is a little concern that the big market teams aren't thrilled with this deal....As a source said to me, "Is it fair that a team have a 22 million dollar payroll, if we are giving them 20 million of it?" That being said, look for a few bones to make the rich happy...these 4 for example...

First to go may be the rumored dispersion draft where teams overf the cap could lose valuable assets.

Second may be the percentage teams have to spend to buyout the pleayers they want to to move to get under the cap. There is a rumor that a 30% buyout may exist...that would be huge, and i doubt that it will be that low.

Third, there is a rumor that, in an attempt to help teams at the trade deadline either add depth or dump salary, there may be an exemption for adding a player or two up to a certain amount.

Fourth, I am hearing that the concept of a weighted draft may be history. 30 ping pong balls, 30 teams. That will be exciting.

I had 52 team employees, referees, players, agents, and league officials send me their emails today. Again, feel free to e-mail me to get put on the insider list for free if you are affected directly by the lockout. As you see your name will never be given out, and I always keep names anonymous. I just want to help in any way I can. Also thanks to the many fans who joined today. Your generosity is greatly appreciated as we move forward with our big plans here...

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