Monday, June 13, 2005



This in no way should be viewed as a negative...according to a player source, "There is a ton of minutia, but not a whole lot of negotiating left."

The PA has gotten another bone according to some sources. The players will be permitted to play in next year's olympics. "It is really a benefit to both sides, " a good source said...

There are rumors flying around that we could see a pc this week and that the board of governors are meeting Wednesday to go through the deal. That is premature...there is amazing progress being made, but they are re-inventing the wheel here and the amount of minutia is staggering.

A high source, responding to the rumors said this, "There is a Governors vote in progress -- on the sale of the Mighty Ducks, and the ballots are due in, via FAX, by Wednesday. But that is the only connection between a Governors vote and this Wednesday."

Another Source, "We are close, but not that close."

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