Monday, June 06, 2005


The Lottery (and a word from our sponsors)

From a source, "Don't be surprised if the NHL holds a big press conference around the 15th to announce hockey's rebirth and hold the draft lottery for Sydney Crosby at the same time."

...before we return to our show let's talk about Eklund and you......

Thanks to all the insiders who have joined in the last week. We have pretty much doubled our subscription. Your generosity has enabled me to keep going and expand this blog into a website and soon an online call-in radio station featuring guests from the world of hockey. All this cost money of course. If any of you own a business and would be interested in advertising on the upcoming site and radio station feel free to e-mail me at

To those of you who have given more than ten bucks I really appreciate that as well. The website is a result of the money the insiders have put in..It costs me roughly $60 a month to run it ,and should I want to go beyond 200 concurrant chatters it will cost me more. Eventually this service will have to be upgraded as you all know from when we hit the limits. The price will remain $10 for life until the lockout is officially over. At that point I may need to up the price to a monthly subscription deal to help finance us expanding. After the lock-out we will be in rumor heaven with all the free agents, trades and dispersal get in now!

Just click on the credit card box in the upper left.

Thanks for reading today's completely shameless fund drive...

now back to the show!

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