Monday, June 27, 2005


Long, long week ahead..

"This week is mainly lawyers," according to a top NHL source.

Today they are back in the big apple in an attempt to finish this off. No promises are being made at this point that the talks can conclude this week. "We'll do our best to get it done as quickly as possible," the source added.

Those closest to the talks are the most cautious, and understandably so. After all the rumor is that two weeks ago this almost fell apart, but in getting through that barrier the two sides are actually stronger than before.

When you move out from the center, talk is much more optimistic and mostly revolves around the fact that the made enough progress last week to make this week extra interesting.

This will be a long hard week for everyone sure to check the chat rooms late at night?...that is where the real fun can often be....this will be an exciting week to be sure...I'll be digging more this morning, so stay tuned!

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