Thursday, June 23, 2005


Late Night with Eklund

As of 11:10PM I received confirmation that they are still meeting tonight....that is impressive...45 hours in three days. No word yet on whether or not the are meeting on Friday yet.

There are many mixed signs coming from the talks...

The positive news tends to be driven more by the momentum and the hard facts that so much of this is drawn up. That being said everything is inter-connected to the point where it isn't done until it all is done....An end is in sight. When that end happens depends alot on how the document reads to each side. They are drawing it up as they go. (as opposed to the NBA who surprisingly announced a deal without drawing up a thing...the NHL learned NOT to do that in 94).

The negative stuff coming out is almost entirely fear based....Fear of the unknown as the final pieces of this puzzle are placed in....Are there enough pieces? Did someone purposely hide a piece? Is one side stalling or just being diligent? Will there be enough time to sell tickets if this goes much longer?

All issues that you worry about if you run a business....

I was told today by three sources from three different NHL cities that there was a point last week where things took a bad turn for the worse for awhile. "In the past they would have walked away and said 'philosophical differences'" a source noted...However, the encouraging thing is the sides worked past this roadblock instead of walking away and now according to some sources, "It actually solidified the deal more than ever." That says a lot about where we are heading and how odds are very good that hockey will hit the ice running come October 5.

I will report to you tomorrow morning with any news....There is also alot of free agent, buyout, and trade talk coming.....I can't discuss anything until the deal is done, but once it is....look out!

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