Tuesday, June 07, 2005


Just Another Confusing Tuesday

No matter how cautious we know we should be, the reality is that the more people you talk to the more you get a picture that we are over the hump. Some sources are even saying that "all of the tough issue are out of the way." As is my experience, just prior to a deal being done, the waters become muddy and opinions spread out. This is a symptom of the silence that surrounds the parties at this point. Want to hear all over the place quotes that will leave you more confused than before?

"I am told that thing the process has accelerated and we are looking at an announcement June 15th."

"Everyone I know is counting on a deal by July 15th at the latest."

"I still worry Bob Goodenow will take the league down in the next week."

"The draft will be held on June 25th and the deal will be announced a week prior."

"This is the last week. The players will ratify on Saturday. We are 6 days from the announcement."

Confused yet?

These are all great sources. People who talk to Bettman, Daly, Sakin, Linden and Goodenow. It is very hard to decipher or hang your emotions on a single outcome. Why so many differing opinions? When you ask someone what they heard to bring them to their conclusions you will hear that they were all told basically the same things. What they are predicting is based on their own experiences and often deep trepidations.

The overwhelming majority of hockey people believe a deal is coming...even the most realistic of those I speak to admit that.

Stay tuned today when "As the CBA Turns" continues with meetings this afternoon....

I will be getting some energy food for this week...

NOTES: Thanks to all those who joined yesterday! We will be holding some insider chats this afternoon...and of course a chat in the big room at 4pm.

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