Monday, June 06, 2005


How Much of This Is Done?

That is the burning question these days?

While none of the people reporting on this CBA can say for sure there are strong indications that, as far as the key issues goes, the answer is "most if not all of it."

I talked to two sources yesterday who said that some lawyers were going through aspects of what has been agreed to. Ok, what has been agreed to?

We only have context clues.

First theory. This is a linkage deal. Not must question about this one. Countless hours spent in small groups to determine revenues would be a fun, but pointless exercise otherwise...I am going to say, that 54% has agreed to, and the players are making sure they get every bit of that.

Another Theory. The 24% rollback is gone. Based on the fact that the players were asking for that or the contracts from 2004-05 back, the answer is a no-brainer....It is possible that they got neither, but I will venture a guess that they go rid of the 24%. When you consider the fact that so few players are still under contract, and this is something the NHL probably never figured they could get when this started, I'd say this wasn't a "Deal Breaker." i do expect that some provision has been made for arbitration regarding this.

Arbitration: It has been widely reported that baseball arbitration, two-way arbitration, was coming. I have heard this is done, and the players are OK with it.

Free Agency:30, 29, 28....Widely reported already.

So how much of this is done?

According to one source, "I believe after talking to some people involved most of it is done."

Another source, "I was told the tough stuff is gone. There are no more deal breakers on the table."

None of us can say for certain. They would never tell anyone anything right now that could derail the process..and that is for the best.

Notes: It was pointed out to me by a few sources in the media that NBC is the likely carrier of the lottery for Crosby since they hold the broadcast rights and ESPN is not in the picture.

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