Thursday, June 02, 2005


High Stakes

"Tensions are high as the meetings continue. Serious stuff."

That's all I've been able to get so far from someone who talked to someone at the talks. Apparently they are gearing towards a major hurdle sometime in the early evening, and if it goes well, these talks could go very late and continue through the week-end.

"I get the impression this is it," said a trusted source. "June 15th is a very real date, and the have at least ten days of work to do once they reach a deal in principle. so today is the second of june? guarantee you you will never hear the words 'deal in principle' may get out, but not officially."

Meanwhile plans for the new season are occurring. Pre-season schedules are being mapped out and scouts are working tirelessly towards a late June draft...all stuff that needs to be done now in the hopes that this gets done.

stay tuned....

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