Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Gaining Momentum

The two sides went until midnight last night and are starting up at 9am this morning....

According to a source, "They are really gaining great momentum now with each passing day. After talking to one of the parties familiar with the talks I , for the first time, sensed an excitement towards the future. He spoke about rule changes and marketing and camera angles and HDTV and the rising new stars.....by the end of the conversation we were fired up about the sport."

So was I after talking to my source. Hockey is going to not just be back it will be improved and the new crop of players will be leading the charge. I am so sick of writing about the lockout, you can't imagine. But I realize that the game is still alive, and that keeps me going.

There is a rumor going around, coming out of Vancouver radio, that an NHL board of govenor's meeting is scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday in NY. The info was rumored to be coming from former Canuks owner Arthur Griffith. I asked a top NHL official about this rumor and his response was, "If they're having one Wednesday or Thursday, they have neglected to invite me -- and I go to all of them."

Also RDS in Canada is reporting that an announcement could come as early as Thursday..I talked to a lot of folks about this as well, and the feeling is that an announcement COULD come on Thursday or Friday, but they honestly have no way of knowing this yet. "There can be no guarantees," a source said, "They aren't done and don't know exactly how long each issue will take to write up. Until they are done, these kinds of predictions are just shots in the dark."

Finally, an update on the new website. I will soon have a major announcement regarding our Sept 1 launch date, but just to give you an idea of one of the features, there will be a section called "Hockey Blog World." I am putting together a virtual who's who in the hockey world from players (former and current), to writers, to broadcaster, etc. All of these folks will have their own blog where they will be able to write, uncensored, to the largest internet hockey audience about hockey and their lives in general....This will be guaranteed to be a great way to wile away the work day if you are a die-hard...The line-up will be announced shortly.

Thanks to all who have joined the insider list in the last three days. there will be huge benefits to those who supported me prior to the website launch...I take care of those who helped me get this going. Join now for only $10 in the upper left corner of the blog by clicking on the Visa Logo. You will get email updates and access to our special chat room for now, and many more benefits down the line...thanks and let me tell you, "hockey is coming back kids!"

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