Wednesday, June 01, 2005


Curb Your Enthusiasm

Let's face it. Everyone associated with the NHL, from fans to players, to GMs, to owners are about to explode. We are bubbling over with anticipation of getting our sport back. We need our sport back.

This a rumor site, and when I posted "possible deal," that was the rumor, and it was everywhere. I feel a huge sense of responsibility to you all. That is why I also posted caution. You come here in incredible numbers looking for information and hope. I am not here to hurt the process.

Back in February it was terrible. This isn't February. A real deal is in the works...How far along that is, depending on whom you talk to, ranges the entire spectrum. from tomorrow to July 1.

Today some Gms, and other respected hockey folks leaked the deal was imminent. That was the reason for the optimism and the rumors..others, who talked to those in the meeting (including myself) found those on the inside to be more workman-like. "meetings going well, but not imminent." And we all know there will be no announcement until it is completely done. The official NHL statement is this: "The reports of a deal being imminent were absolutely false."

Another source, "We are getting there, but there are a few scary roadblocks left. But there is momentum."

Other sources, "We are speaking the same language, we need to get it right. There is not a time frame."

And still there are others who are saying this is a needed smoke screen to finish the job. I can't say one way or the other with any certainty.. I balance the fact that I post rumors with the fact that so many people are watching and looking for facts. Very tricky job.

I have many, many sources..but I have three sources that I trust completely. They are the most connected people I know, and they are almost always very close. We have all been there for each other throughout this, and that has helped us keep this blog going and the news coming..

One of those sources said, "My bet is 7 days away. Monday at the earliest for an announcement."
The second source said, "I have been saying June 15th, and I am sticking to that number."
The third I haven't been able to reach as of yet.

Bottom line is this...Today we caught a glimpse of the excitement that is waiting for the NHL when this is finished in the near future. It may be tomorrow, next week, or the week after..I doubt any of us will know 100% for certain until it is announced. We probably shouldn't. We are down to vital details now. Final negotiations, followed by lawyers looking for loopholes, followed by ratification, and finally hockey.

This deal may not be imminent, but hope sure is.

I will keep working..tomorrow will be a long one...

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