Monday, June 20, 2005


All Bad Things Must End

“Over by July1.”

Yesterday, I must have received a dozen emails that said this. In order for this to happen, this needs to be the last week of talks. Many other industry folks agree with this.

One source, who has been among the most dependable, said, “The negotiations are 95% done, but some key aspects of the deal are waiting to be written up.”

Another said, “Word is the league has begun preparations for how to explain this CBA at the “Big Meeting” that could be next week in NY. It won't be a hard sell, but there will be some very tricky issues to deal with. Some part the rich teams won't love, some the bottom teams will have to deal with. I think the original idea of having them in small groups would have been a lot easier.”

A source that is usually pessimistic added, “For the first time, you get a sense that the desperation is gone when you talk to people in the talks. The talks have entered a methodical stage, where Daly and Saskin work very efficiently together.”

And yet another source warned of getting too far ahead, “ Until everything is signed, I won't be comfortable.”

From what I can gather, this week will be very intriguing and exciting. I will do what I can to keep you as close to the inside as possible. I have also begun in depth, extensive work on what will be and incredible free agent race when this deal is signed. How much fun will it be to talk about actual players and teams again? That is when the contacts I have made will really pay off. I hope to make the blog will be the place to go for free agent, trade, and buyout rumors…

Stay Tuned

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