Monday, June 06, 2005


The 24% Question

Many of hockey finest have contacted me saying they beilieve the 24% rollback will still be a part of the deal. While none of us know for sure, it will be interesting to see what bone the owners throw and if as one source said, "The bone could very well be a much better free agency."

Still no word on when the meetings will resume. I have been told they will be in NY. If history is an indication, the longer we go today without an announcement the more likely Wednesday becomes the start date.

There is some confusion out there about the ratification process on the PA side. A top PA source clarified this for me yesterday.."Any deal recommended by the executive committee will go to a vote of the entire membership where it must be ratified by a majority of the players."

That is the official word.

stay tuned and see you in chat at 4pm... .....and click on the blue "e"...

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