Tuesday, May 03, 2005


What to Expect this Week

Both sides are gearing up for Thursday's talks and there is a level of anticipation building unlike any I have seen since back in February.

From a source, "Bob has them guessing. The NHL is really hoping he comes ready to negotiate the numbers of his proposal. He will move the numbers I've been told if he can get something substantial."

Another source, "The players have been talking to the owners directly in recent days. Goodenow has been using the Jacobs statement in an attempt to rally the troups, but it isn't working as it has in the past due to the fact that the owners are telling the players that jacobs is in the minority and that 54% is far from etched in stone."

One Source said the players are ready to deal, but afraid that they are killed in the deal...they have been talking to their GMs and the GMs have been assuring them that the new deal won't be as bad as the PA leadership is implying.

There is also talk of a compromise that is being worked out, involving players currently under contract, I have several calls out today regarding the specifics of what may be on the horizon.

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