Monday, May 16, 2005



A few interesting tidbits amidst rampant speculation pertaining to this weeks talks...

First a top source said this, "This week will be very telling. We will know."

Also regarding the player rep meetings and conference calls...All the player reps I talk to...were shut out because the meeting was called pretty quickly and they weren't able to take it...One source said this, "The player rep conference call cancelling the meeting was some reps, but mostly it was what appeared to be random players. Some veterans, some guys not even in the league anymore....guys that are a part of the hardline stance. Bob made sure he had support for that one"

However, many of the players are optimistic and one even said this, "With the impending loss of major sponsors, they have chosen to leave out the player meetings as these could be incredibly important days they need to use as negotiating days. Theres no question we'll get back together and have the meetings in June anyway. Time is too valuable to spend the 23-26th of May preparing and having the meetings with players. To me rightfully so; cancel the meetings so they can be where the need to be, and that is in the boardrooms with the NHL, not with the PA."

And that message is echoed throughout the players.

One said this, "I was told by someone high-up that the time is short and a deal needs to be made..that way we can meet in June and vote on the proposal..."

The players are all saying they will be playing in October, but as another source pointed out..."They may be playing in October, but if that deal isn't signed soon there will be no money for them. Bottom line, Bob can't afford to wait."

Stay tuned.

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