Sunday, May 15, 2005


Subtle Optimism

I am getting a surprising number of e-mails from players confidant that this will get done. It appears that some of the guys who were very upset with the cancellation of the meeting are being told when they complain that they need not worry about a season come october...I wish i could share more of what is being said right now...

A reader sent this in.. NBC is broadcasting the National Lacrosse League Championship with the Toronto Rock vs. the Arizona Sting from Toronto. Brendan Shanahan is a part owner of the rock. NBC interviewed him at halftime and asked him how confident he was that there would be hockey in the fall. All he said was..."i'm optimistic...I'm not gonna say much more"

A few players have said that in Bob's conference call cancelling the meeting, he was the most upbeat he has been...not positive, but not what has become the normal negative tone...we will see...

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