Thursday, May 12, 2005


Silence this morning

Could mean alot of things.....either my sources hate me or they are too busy to talk...silence has often meant something....I am going to be out on the road today (meeting a group of players for lunch), but I will be popping in to Starbucks along the way to check emails and give updates...I don't expect much until they break...but then it could be fun...stay tuned and thanks for all the new insiders that joined yesterday as I continue to try and raise the funds to buy the incredible amount of bandwith needed to support the many of you...It is easy and still only $10 to join...(maybe I need to make Eklund totebags) A friend said a funny thing...he said I should hold back posts until I get six new subscriptions each PBS...DON'T MAKE ME BRING IN BETTY WHITE PEOPLE! :)

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