Friday, May 27, 2005


No News Is Good News

from a strong source, "There is little information coming out right now regarding exactly how much of this situation has been resolved. But what is not happening says more than what is is right now. Neither side right now, even when working off a linkage deal with little time to waste, is pushing for round the clock meetings. The stakes are unbelievably high that this get resolved by June 15th. There are those who fear the PA is stalling, but the NHL is not internally acting they have in the past when they calimed the PA was stalling. It appears very much like both sides are over the huge differences, and although the PA may not be thrilled with the deal, they are trying to just make sure the revenues get counted in way that guarantees the most possible revenues"

In other words, and I am hearing this from all over, currently bith sides are acting very relaxed for such a huge deadline.

That is not to say, there aren't any trepidations...another source, "We really don't know yet. Right now all looks to be in place, but all looked in place in February at one point as well. So I'm waiting."

But the fact that they aren't meeting again until after Memorial Day is not a negative...given all that is at stake it can only be viewed as a positive. In the past there were times when the NHL was frustrated by the PA unwillingness to get together. Right now, that is not the case. Both sides are acting lighthearted, even joking around...

In HOCKEY news...(hooray)
The Draft.
Rumor has it that a hotel has been booked in New York for the weekend of June 26th to hold the draft in New York City. Word is that the expected first-rounders will be flown in and of course Mr. Crosby will be in the big apple. Talking to many journalists in the states, the feeling is that the NHL almost should rig the draft to make Crosby a Ranger..."If they don't do it they are more stupid than we all thought, "said a respected hockey writer, "The kid is perfect for New York, and the NHL needs him there. We need a Jordan in hockey in a major hockey city." I have talked to half a dozen who feel the same exact way. I'm sure all you in Canada will have an opinion on this. I'm staying out of it.

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