Saturday, May 14, 2005


More Speculation

Ok...let's look at what was done...A source who i trust, said this, "When Trevor Linden makes the public statement for the PA , it is done to show the media that the players and Execs are unified, which for the time being I think they are, but they were unified with the understanding that if something could get done it would get done by the meeting...that was how certain players were being kept quiet and it will be interesting to see how they react to this"

That being said, I heard the PA told the reps they were cancelling due to "lack of interest" and only 200 guys coming...not due to "nothing to discuss." Perhaps they are protecting this bizarre apathy amidst another possible year lost. But I don't buy that for a second...There is a "Superman" concept among pro athletes that makes them feel invincible, but if after losing money in a huge way, it boggles the mind that only 200 would get themselves on a plane and go to Toronto..Can you imagine the pressure your wife would put on you to find out what the heck is going on? If only 200 guys were going they must know, beyond a shadow of doubt, that this is getting why bother going? Bob may have a trick in his pocket..his is a very sharp negotiator...

I hope they do, because a scary rumor is floating around that two major sponsors, Tim Horton's and Labbatts, are pulling out of next year if no deal is set by June 15. And it is widely rumored that ESPN is done as of June 1. And yet those deadlines will now pass without the players knowing they were coming...unless they are reading this, or they are being informed elsewhere..

Another source points this out. "This statement...what is more fascinating is that the language "nothing new to discuss" is stolen from the NHL when they recently cancelled a Board of Governors meeting. The difference is the PA may not have much to say but the players sure had alot to talk about."

I wish I could share my inbox with you all, but I would never betray the trust many players, agents, and others have given me...Instead I will summarize, based on the comments from the players so far...what they wanted to talk about...The new deal that we proposed. Is it a linkage deal? and if so shouldn't we make a deal about the last 8 meetings since then? How about showing the presentations that went over so well with the players present at the NHL meeting? And most importantly...will there be a season?

As one player put it..."I wanted to ask him if he could do what I hired him to do...get the best deal possible."

As an agent put it, "If I came out of a contract talk and told a player...well I can't get a deal for you, you're gonna miss a season...I would be fired, and I should be."

Finally, even if only 200 guys were coming, those are 200 guys who need and deserve to be able to get together with the people controlling their future and get answers. I talk to guys who are in serious trouble, who's solace was the fact that they were going to get answers in two weeks. This move is completely unfair...

One said this, "you may have nothing new to discuss, but I sure have things I need to talk about..I'm losing my ******ing mind."

I really think it is important for the fans to know that these hockey players are real people...great people...and they aren't sheep being led around...They can't come out in the press and say much, because they are afraid that it could hurt the union. But all the things you are thinking...they are thinking as well..

Well now, may I recommend doing something fun...Watch the Russia/Canada game at 10:15am ET. If you are in Canada it is on, if you are elswhere in the world you can rent it a watch it online (the quality is surprising)

I will be in chat at noon today.

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