Friday, May 13, 2005


More Info...

After talking to some players, an interesting trend is appearing...They are very unified in their desire to play in October. They are also very rational in how that can occur. Many of us, out of frustration, say "how can they sit back and lose all this money. How can they let this happen." Don't worry...when you talk to them you realize they are very engaged right now. More focused.

As for the meetings...not a ton of information from either side...The last two days were positive and very non-confrontational... they were more in the context of presentations being made and questions and views being expressed with regard to the presentations, as opposed to a back-and-forth negotiation of issues...

There is a rumor that Goodenow may have left the meetings early on Wednesday, first reported by a radio reporter in Pittsburgh.... I believe this to be true...The source said he didn't leave angry, "He just wasn't interested in the presentation."

A top source said of yesterday, "All the players stayed for today's meeting, which I view
as a positive for the process."

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