Friday, May 20, 2005


Good Vibrations

From a source: "Two huge days. Much opitmism. Much still to do, but this is the best it has been."

Another source, "The meetings went much longer than expected..8 hours on Friday, the two sides decided to take the week-end off and continue next week." ( I have to say we all need a break!)

From TSN: ''We had two long days of meetings in which the parties discussed and made progress on some of the key issues pertaining to a new economic system,'' said NHL executive vice president and chief legal officer Bill Daly. ''While we have not yet been able to reach agreement on those issues, we remain committed to continuing the process in earnest until a new Collective Bargaining Agreement can be achieved. The parties intend to stay in touch and we expect that new meetings will be scheduled for next week.''

So go and a have a beer, and watch the Memorial Cup if you are in Canda...Celebrity Poker if you are down week will be alot more roller coaster...

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