Friday, May 20, 2005


Good Morning

It does feel like a good morning....despite a cold driving rain in Philadelphia. All sides EXTREMELY quiet presenting not a single clue as to what went in yesterday's marathon. to which I say, "Good...just get it done!"

They met for fourteen hours, the last nine of which many of you and I spent in the chatroom, which averaged 150 people right up until the word came down that the sides were done for the night. We also had several players looking in as anonymous guests.

Word is they are back on this morning. From our own shadow, "the players took a proposal with them last night and will tell Bettman this morning what they think of it and schedule new meetings." and a source of mine, "Gary and Bob will be getting back at it today."

Another Source, "Little is known but word is that the last several hours were spent in caucus while the PA was debating which way they should go with the proposal. And it was intense"

Another source, "It was the healthiest meeting to date, and the best sign is that it has become obvious a deal can't wait and both sides are negotiating like they are on a final deadline. They were finally acting as if this was important to both of them and that a deal needed to be made immediately."

Another rumor, and I stress this is highly speculative, that a deadline of sorts may have been set by the NHL. There has long been speculation that with the loss of sponsors for the fall season approaching, the NHL may be saying if we can't sell the sponsors for the fall, we aren't playing in the fall...they may be saying we will start in January and sell the spring season if we don't have deal by June 1, 15 or July 1...I put this out there, because it is from a good source who is speculating, and it is very logical. An NHL season starting in October off a deal signed in in September would be a terribly damaging season without tickets or sponsorship. That is the last thing this sport needs

As I'm writing this word has come down that the meeting has started...stay tuned

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