Sunday, May 29, 2005


Could be the week...

Meetings resume Wednesday and Thursday in Toronto, with Thursday being the day to look at.

From a source, "Thursday could be a very long and tense affair. One side is confident and one side has been going around saying, 'It's will get done but we aren't thrilled about it'"

Talking to the players is when you truly get the sense that this is over. They are telling stories of positive phone conversations with Linden, Goodenow, Gartner, Shanahan, and Guerin. The details of those phone conversations will be out in the coming days, but for now.....let's just say it is obvious who is in charge and the players are under the assumption that this is 10-14 days away. The exact words they are saying are for the book about the lockout...

Player reaction to my tirade was a blast to read! I apologize if I offended or came off unprofessional. After consideration I removed the foul language in the story. I was obviously fired up. I had just talked to several reporters and hockey friends who all thought the ESPN deal was devastating. My tirade was basically word for word what I said to all of them, and they all said it helped and encouraged to write it down in my emotional state. I am glad I did. I am sorry if I offended. Those who know me, know I rarely use any foul language, I don't drink, I am pretty boring. I just sensed the hockey world needing a shot in the arm, and with 150,000 hockey people coming here all the time, I though "why the (bleep) not speak from the heart." This is a blog, it may have turned into more, but it is still a blog.

Bottom line is this. I have built the trust of so many sources because they know I love the game and am only here to help it. Yesterday I sensed the people of hockey were crying out for help. The ESPN thing hit hard to those who want the sport to succeed...But to me, the way to succeed is to have pride in what you do, and not care what anyone else thinks about you. Everyone loves to be loved, but if that person is loving you at the cost of your soul then you need to step back and get yourself back and realize what it is that makes you what you are again. To me, that is where the people of this sport are. So therefore that is where hockey itself is, and as a friend of hockey I went out on a limb yesterday. I'd hope my friends would do the same for me. I felt the need to scream, in a very unprofessional way, to the many of us who have forgotten how awesome our sport is.

There is fallout when you cancel a season. Economic, but also emotional. Hockey is down right now, but not out, The wonderful fact now is with everyone counting us out we will be able to fly under the radar and shock the world with our amazing sport. This is the greatest sport., and with the talent coming it will be greater than ever.

Thanks and get ready for the end of the roller coaster...It might be the craziest part of the ride.

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