Thursday, May 19, 2005


Could be a long one..

Bob and Gary returned from Washington last night and the PA executive committee met. They will all be in attendance today along with Irbe and Alfredsson who have been brought it. If this meeting goes long that will be a good sign...

One source said this about the status of where we are, "Good day (yesterday). Still differences of opinion, but I'm satisfied it was a genuine process the last two days. We'll see what tomorrow holds. Hoping to make progress on the macro issues of the amount of the Upper Limit and magnitude of the range."

Another source said had this very interesting tidbit to add. "If there was ever a time for the NHL to put forward the "offer you can't refuse it is now" They have been talking numbers for so many days that the PA really is expecting the worst right now. I have heard there may be a surprise today. The NHL may throw out a number that would cause a serious gut check in the PA. A number much higher than expected."

On the other side, this. "The players are being held together by very little right now...Murmurs and rumors abound that Bob's powers have been lessened to a degree and Mike (gartner) is working the phones and getting the support of the reps. There are so many rumors about Bob's power being stripped somewhat that it has led some to speculate the the rumors are being placed by Bob. goodenow is as sharp as they come and always many steps ahead in the process. If he has 'the deal' that he has told those close to him he believes will get it done, the atmosphere is perfect for it. The big battle of "when to make a deal?" has apparently settled on now."

Again a PA source repeated a common thread, "There is a fear, due to the impending sponsor issues, that if we don't get this done soon and wait until September the season we'll have will be as damaging as the season we lost. We'll be playing to empty houses and not on TV."

Coming from a PA person that is significant.

A great lawyer friend put it this way, "There comes a point in negotiations when you know you've won, but if you are smart you will give the other side something to take from the experience that will make them feel they got something out of the process. This is important especially when you will be dealing with them in the future. The NHL always knew this was there CBA to win, both sides admit to the correction being needed) but they need to give the PA something...something this lockout will someday "be about." It is important to do this as a negotiator because you never know if the next time around you are on the short end of the stick,"

Another source put it this way..."many people say why don't they just lock themselves in a room and get it done..I talked to people on both sides, and that day is here."

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