Wednesday, May 11, 2005


Are things looking up?

All kinds of reports this morning....

And both sides are rightfully not saying a much regarding the talks ongoing. A few sources have e-mailed me last night and this morning...Despite the fact that the PA reportedly didn't bring anything new to the table yesterday it is very curious that the "nothing" has prompted two days of unscheduled talks and the cancellation of everyone's trip to Austria...

Reports are that the two sides will break into smaller groups... (remember elementary school when you broke into smaller groups? I wonder if they'll line up and count "1-2-3-1-2-3-1-2-3...Ok, all the ones over here"...) ( I apologize a little crazy this morning...not much sleep!)

On source added, "There is speculation that the players and Bob have a deal in their back pocket and they are waiting for the right time. Bob thought they should wait until next week, but the players, after hearing of some possible sponsorship woes, pushed for the meetings to continue this week so that the deal could be presented sooner."

Form another source, "On a local sports radio station (KFAN - AM 1130) here in Minneapolis and they had Dwayne Roloson, player rep for the Wild, on this morning. He did say that the powers that be have canceled their trips to the Worlds this week to continue talks. And he said they are discussing arbitration at this point and thinks they may be close to getting a deal done soon."

The NHLPA released a statement on their website saying they wouldn't discuss anythin until this week's talks are done...A source that used to work for Bob said this, "The statement was obviously a code for the players to read that they should expect something...Bob has a large group of players bombarding hom with calls right now, and it is not like him to put statements on the website after what was billed as a fairly normal meeting...I wouldn't be surprise if Ted or Trevor said we need to get a public message out that does not say, "No progress, philosophical differences..The message on the source last week was nto well received by the majority....they need to get the players thinking the ones they hired are working for them...I believe that Trevor knew if Bob walked away yesterday both their cell phones would have gone haywire. Alot of guys are going to Trevor now."

I have a feeling info will be hard to get today, but I will do what I can as always...

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